What is Tab by Tuango?

Tab by Tuango is a revolutionary new way to get cash back for enjoying mouth-watering meals! Unlike the traditional discount model, you don’t have to pay anything up front! Tab by Tuango is free and you get to save 10 to 25% off at your favourite restaurants (for now, but we are hoping to offer you activities, retailers and more soon!), but only if you actually go there (there’s no obligation)! You simply have to claim an offer that interests you, link your Mastercard to this offer (we won’t charge you anything!), go eat at the restaurant, pay with said Mastercard and see a cash back on your credit card statement within a few business days. That’s it!

To get your cash back on your credit card statement, you need to:

  • Claim the offer
  • Link an eligible Mastercard to that offer
  • Spend at the merchant
  • Pay with the same Mastercard you linked previously
  • Get cash back on your credit card statement

Tab by Tuango offers are free, user-friendly and safe: use a deal instantly until it expires.

How do I use a Tab by Tuango offer?

Since a Tab by Tuango offer is directly linked to your MasterCard when you claim a deal – you simply have to go out and enjoy yourself without having to bring any coupons! Because you have claimed an offer and linked a MasterCard to this offer, you authorize Tuango and MasterCard to obtain Payment Card Data – but only so we can know when and if you’ve been to the merchant and paid with the MasterCard linked to that offer. All our offers are free!

How do I find and claim Tab by Tuango offers?

Easy! You’ll find Tab by Tuango Offers directly on the Tuango website, under the section “Tab”. But you can also find them on the Tab by Tuango website (tab.tuango.ca)– all grouped into one place! If an offer interests you, click on the “claim” button. You’ll then notice that you’ll be redirected to the Tab by Tuango website and asked to either log in or sign up. Once you are logged in/signed up, you can claim the offer! Once at the merchant, pay as you would normally but don’t forget to use the MasterCard linked to the offer! Please be sure to read thoroughly through the offer’s details for any restrictions.

In most cases, you will receive a confirmation email stating that we are indeed processing your cash back. It will be processed within a few business days.

How many times can I claim a Tab by Tuango offer?

You can only claim a Tab by Tuango offer once, for now. You can thus only go to the restaurant to get your cash back once, except if mentioned otherwise in the offer.

Why are there no vouchers with my Tab by Tuango offer?

Since the Tab by Tuango offer is directly linked to your MasterCard, you just need to go out and have a good time! No need to save or print any voucher!

Since there are no vouchers, we need you to link a MasterCard to the offer so that we’ll be able to confirm your purchase and issue the cash back. A Tab by Tuango offer provides a cash back in which you don’t need to pay anything up front.

If you’ve already claimed an offer on tab.tuango.ca in the past and have added multiple credit cards, the offer will be linked to all the MasterCard cards you have on file. As such, please keep in mind to bring one of your MasterCard cards at the restaurant and don’t forget to pay with one of them!

You can always add a new credit card by clicking on “Add Credit Card”.

I don’t have a MasterCard, what can I do?

Please note that while we currently only accept MasterCard, we are working hard to offer more options in a near future. Please subscribe to our newsletter so you can be the first to know of any new developments.

Are all MasterCard cards eligible for card-linked offers?

Only Mastercards issued outside of Canada will not be eligible for cash back.

My Mastercard has changed. What now?

If your Mastercard number is still the same, you have nothing to do.

If the number of your card has changed, we invite you to go to your Tab by Tuango profile to add this new credit card. All the claimed offers you haven’t redeemed will be linked to your new credit card.

Are there any restrictions on using Tab by Tuango offers?

Although there are hardly any restrictions on Tab by Tuango offers, we do encourage you to read each offer’s details carefully. You can always go back to consult your claimed offers under “My Account”, “My Claimed Offers”.

How do I know if I have received cash back for a Tab by Tuango offer?

You should see, within few business days, a cash back awarded by Tuango on your credit card statement.

If not, please contact our customer service. Please note that you have 3 months to contact us if necessary. After this delay, we will be unable to process the request.

You can also see the progress of your cash back requests in your account at all times, under “My Account”, “My Claimed Offers.”

I claimed a Tab by Tuango Offer and have not received my cash back. Why is that?

If you didn’t receive cash back, one of the following may be the reason : * Few business-day delay is necessary to see the cash back on your Mastercard statement. If 7 business days have passed and you meet all of the availability criteria, please contact our customer service. * The purchase was made with a card that is not linked to a Tab by Tuango account. A deal will only be linked to the card or cards you have on file. You may have unfortunately paid with the wrong card once at the merchant. * The purchase was made after the deal expired. Although you can use your Tab by Tuango claimed offer multiple times when applicable before expiration, our Tab by Tuango offers do expire. * The offer wasn’t claimed prior to the restaurant bill being paid. Double-check that you claimed the deal by going into “My Account”, “My Claimed Offers”. * The purchase was made at a location that is not participating . Tab by Tuango offers are only valid at specific locations listed on the offer’s details where you originally claimed the deal.

If I get an email, do I need to do anything?

No, we are simply sending you a notification to inform you that your cash back is being processed. You’ve already done all the work. Now, you simply need to wait for the cash back to show on your credit card statement (it shouldn’t take more than a few days).

How is Tab by Tuango different from Tuango?

Tab by Tuango is a new program offered by Tuango! It’s a revolution in savings: great offers, without coupons. Tab by Tuango was developed by Tuango to make it easier for the consumer to save on amazing meals, activities, retail experiences and more!

When I see a Tab by Tuango offer on Tuango and click on it, why am I brought to another site?

When Tab by Tuango was developed our main concern was user experience. It soon came obvious from a technological standpoint that the Tab by Tuango offers could not be hosted directly on the Tuango website. This is why, when clicking on a Tab by Tuango offer, you are prompted to tab.tuango.ca. Rest assured that this is a secure website and that you’ll get the same standard of service and trust from it that you have come to expect from Tuango.

Until when can I claim an offer? For instance, if I am at a restaurant right now and I’m realizing that I could claim an offer to save 20% off… Can I do it?

Unfortunately, you need to claim an offer 1 hour before going to a merchant and paying your bill. The reason for this is that we need time to link you MasterCard to the offer and set up Payment Card Data.

What is Payment Card Data?

Payment Card Data is a way for us to monitor transactions at participating merchants so that we can process and award cash back.

Fear not, we are not collecting personal information about you. We simply need to know if and when you have been to a participating merchant to award you your cash back. To learn more about our Privacy Policy, please click here.

An offer’s details claim that I have 30 days to go to the restaurant and get a cash back. Is it 30 days from the date I claimed it?

That’s exactly right! You have 30 days from the moment you claim a Tab by Tuango offer to go experience the offer and receive your cash back.

Do I get a cash back on the full amount of my bill, including tip and taxes?

The cash back amount is calculated on the amount spent after taxes but excluding tips. For each offer, taxes are estimated based on provincial regulation.

Why are promotional codes not accepted on Tab’s website?

The Tab website doesn’t accept any promotional code. Since linking your credit card to an offer is completely free, promotional codes are not relevant.

Tab by Tuango is a unique, free and secure concept letting you enjoy the best restaurants while automatically receiving a cash back on your credit card.


Claim an offer and link it to your credit card.


Enjoy a delicious meal.


Pay with your linked credit card and enjoy your credited cashback.